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Ohel Yakov Congreg
is a Jewish synagogue located in the northwestern section of Baltimore, Maryland. 

We welcome you to our shul and invite you to look around this website and find out more about us. Congregation Ohel Yakov's history and cemetery on Bowley's Lane opened in 1875, all the past rabbis of the shul, and their family members, are interred there.

Back then, the shul was located in the heart of the busy commercial district, on the corner of Aisquith and Gay Streets. Its official name was Ohel Yakov Veshayer, but it was nicknamed the "Franzishe Shul", the French Shul, since its Lithuanian officers wore stovepipes-the top hats customarily worn in France at that time.
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Rabbi Benjamin Dinovitz
Matzah Fund

In the tradition of our beloved Rabbi, Benjamin Dinovitz z”l.

The Ohel Yakov Congregation has created the Rabbi Benjamin Dinovitz Matzah Fund in his memory.

This fund will help those less fortunate in the Baltimore community with their Passover needs. Donations may be made year round at ohelyakov.org, or by mail to Matzah Fund 5904 Simmonds Ave . Balt. MD 21215

Shabbos Time
Baltimore, MD 21215

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